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More than a pretty website

Have you ever purchased a product from an ugly website? (We have, too. 😊)

What was it that made you buy?

It was likely a combination of targeted, persuasive words (copy), and a simple, seamless purchase process (tech) that made your decision to buy almost irresistible.

Your Copy + Design + Tech should all work together to capture the attention and desire of your ideal prospect and lead her to the specific actions you want her to take.

And of course, design is very important. Your website should be visually appealing and it should represent your brand well.

But, if your website design doesn’t include compelling copy and a smooth automated experience, your visitors may lose interest and go elsewhere.

We’re here to help you create the copy, design and tech you need to easily and efficiently enroll the people you’re meant to serve.

Copy First. Design Second.

Getting to the right message should be Step 1 of any website project.

The right words should tell the story of where your ideal client is today versus the positive transformation that awaits her after she purchases your product or service.

This is where copywriting comes in. It’s the art & science of persuasive messaging that captures your readers’ attention from the headline down, makes them wonder whether you’re reading their mind and moves them to take specific actions such as

• becoming a new subscriber
• taking a quiz
• submitting a form
buying your product or service

Once you nail your story, your website design can add even more life and dimension to your message. But we have to start at the beginning. Click the button below to let us know how we can help you.

Tech Fitness

The real conversation begins when your visitor clicks a button or fills in a form to share her personal information with you. Her experience should feel smooth, effortless, almost undetectably automated and personalized.

No website is complete without strategically-positioned calls to action (CTAs) that encourage your potential customer to spark interaction between you and them.

Examples of calls to action include Buy Now and Download [this] buttons, popups and Subscribe forms. We add automation to these calls to action so that when your visitor clicks she is prompted to enter her personal information, buy, pay and so on.

When calls to action and the automation that follows work optimally, your website becomes a round-the-clock concierge for your business.

Without calls to action and automated sequences, your website is simply an online brochure.

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Website Content

Within seconds of landing on your website, your visitors should easily understand exactly who you are and the fantastic transformation they can expect when doing business with you.

Many business owners get stuck when it comes to writing website content on their own. We can relieve you of this stress by crafting a clear, persuasive story that speaks directly to your ideal client.


Sales Pages

When you have a great product or service that satisfies a specific need or desire of your potential client, well written sales copy can persuade her to download your lead magnet, join your email list or become a paying customer.

Conversion copywriting is what hones in on what really motivates your ideal client, and delivers a story that keeps her engaged and move her to action.

Email Writing

Email is a necessary but often time-consuming marketing activity that can take you away from the revenue-generating activities that you do best.

We write engaging emails that will nurture your subscribers so they stay engaged with your brand. We also craft subscriber welcome emails and sales sequences for product rollouts.




Email Automation


Forms & Surveys

Sales & Landing Pages

Online Stores

Payment Integration

Stephanie was able to take my ramblings and design a website that is easy to navigate, inviting and adaptable to future growth. There was open communication every step of the way as the site was taking shape.

Terri D. West

Author & Life Coach
Meet Steph

Steph is the founder of 12:PM Creative, a digital marketing company. She comes from a corporate IT training background, and she is a certified conversion copywriter. She started her company as part of her dream to use her technology and copywriting skills to help other digital entrepreneurs create thriving businesses.