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Unlock the Potential of Your Website with Our Expert Homepage Audit Service

Listen, first impressions are everything 

Your website’s homepage is often the very first impression your prospects will have of your business. As a certified conversion copywriter, I know how crucial it is that you capture their attention right away. Otherwise, you run the risk that they’ll click away in seconds flat.

That’s why I offer a comprehensive homepage audit service to give you pointers on how you can improve your content, and increase your sales and engagement with your prospects.

When you hire me, you’ll receive…

+ a complete written report of changes I recommend,

+ a video walkthrough of your homepage, and

+ an in-depth explanation of our findings and recommendations.

Don’t let your copy hold you back from reaching your full potential. Allow me to help you make a lasting impression and achieve the results you deserve.

How it Works

Brand & Product Check

We’ll gather information from you about your brand messaging & voice, your product or service, and your ideal customer.


Next, we’ll review your current website home to assess where changes could be made to your copy to help increase engagement and sales.


Finally, you’ll receive a detailed, written report and a video walkthrough explaining specific suggestions for improving the effectiveness of your website homepage copy.

Copy Audit Request Form

The price for our audit service is $350. This service is for reviewing and providing recommendations on the copy of a website homepage (maximum of 1000 words). To request this service for your website, please fill out and submit this form. We will respond to your request as soon as possible.

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What will I get from my copy audit?

You’ll receive…

1 – A complete written report of changes we recommend to improve your website homepage for optimal sales and engagement with your prospects

2 – A video walkthrough of your homepage and in-depth explanation of our findings and recommendations on how to improve your copy.

How soon will I receive the results of my audit?

We are able to complete most audits within 2-3 business days after receiving information we request from you about your brand, product and ideal customer.

Does the audit include you making the recommended changes on my website?

The audit does not include our copywriting services. However, you may hire us to complete the recommended copywriting changes for you.