Public Relations Firm

Copywriting, Web Design & Tech Integration


  • Custom copywriting
  • Website design + branding
  • Email Automation
  • Landing Pages


  • Custom copy for entire website 
  • Email follow-up sequence
  • Custom forms + Automation
  • Online appointment platform setup
  • Email marketing program setup
  • WordPress site build
  • Custom landing page designs + copy

Copy Samples



This client needed a copy refresh and a new website design.  The goal was to create a more polished web presence and fully automate the site from opt-in through welcome email delivery.  Marina Coryat, CEO and founder, wanted her website copy to convey the depth of her expertise in media, and the important role that effective media strategy plays in the elevation of already successful brands.


Before contacting us, one of Marina’s greatest obstacles was the tech involved in automating her scheduling, opt-in and contact processes. 


Once we understood the vision for Refined Commumnications LLC, we crafted custom copy for the entire website. We then built a custom WordPress website from the ground up. The site includes opt-in and subscribe forms, payment buttons and two custom landing pages with automation that triggers a three-day email sequence for those who opt-in to their lead generation offer.

Generate Targeted, Qualified Leads

Message Clarity for PR & Media Services

Increase Email Subscribers

Opt-in and Subscriber Automation