Real Estate Broker-Agent

Web Design, IDX Integration, Copywriting


  • Custom copywriting
  • IDX integration
  • Website design + basic branding


  • WordPress site build
  • IDX search and communities
  • Custom copy for entire website


Lisa Hendley came to us for a website design refresh. As a real estate agent, her primary concern was that her website visitors would be able to easily navigate the website, find useful information about communities in the area and, most importantly, search for properties. 


In addition to the challenge of simply building a website, Lisa’s biggest challenge was the addition of the IDX integration which normally requires professional assistance to properly configure.


First, we built a customized WordPress website with specific page elements for ease of navigation. We added IDX integration throughout the site. This included search forms, community pages, market reports and current, featured property listings.

We researched select Las Vegas communities and crafted written profiles for each one.  We also created a blog that offers practical tips for home buyers and sellers. 

IDX Integration

User browsing experience

Forms and Automation