How may I write for you?

I’ve always been a language geek. I was one of those peculiar kids in high school who studied the dictionary for fun.  I love language so much that in high school I studied Spanish and eventually became fluent. I also became proficient in Portuguese and French while in college.

But it wasn’t until I studied the art and science of copywriting that I began to understand the true power of the written word.

As a certified conversion copywriter,  I use my skills to help online product and service professionals sell more and get more leads through persuasive, engaging words that are specially targeted toward your ideal client.

I know the potential of words to transform a person’s thinking, and so do you.

You know it when you catch yourself reading every single word of an email, web page or sales page.

You know it when you can’t wait to read the next paragraph, the next word.

And before you know it you click the Buy button – whether you originally intended to or not.

I want your prospects to dive into your words in that same way.

Wordsmithing is my jam.

As a certified conversion copywriter, it’s my job to help you turn website visitors into customers.

Here’s some of the magic dust I sprinkle to whip up powerful, persuasive copy for my clients:

  • A touch of humor
  • A dash of hyperbole (and occasional irony)
  • A heaping cup of metaphors, designed to get your prospects to nod their heads in agreement as they read on
  • Healthy drops of word candy to sweeten the imagination
  • A handful of straight-to-the-heart, here’s-where-you-ache emotional appeal to your (with a *tinch* of salt added to the wound)
  • A heavy portion of persuasion psychology (don’t worry…it’ll be barely discernible to your prospect)
  • A broad stroke of word paint to help your prospect visualize the warm fuzzies of their after-purchase transformation — all in vivid Disney technicolor. 🙂
  • And all of this in your unique brand voice

Techy me…

Friends and family think of me as a tech nerd because of my many years working in information technology.  As a former IT Training Manager for a top-tier international law firm, I developed learning programs for attorneys, paralegals, assistants and other staff on a wide variety of software applications.

In my work today as a full-time digital marketer and entrepreneur, I still lean on my years of technology experience to build a unique copywriting business that includes boutique web design and tech integration services.

Everyday me…

I’m a SoCal native, currently residing in the great state of Texas!  At least twice a week you can spot me in the Starbucks drive-thru. I’ll be ordering a grande, extra-hot latte with oat milk + a single raw sugar. Most always with my pup Bella in tow. cool

Maybe you’re wondering why I named my business 12:PM Creative. Well, I’m a textbook late night owl. This means that creativity kicks in for me at around the noon hour each day.

How much time do you waste trying to write your own copy?

Do you sit down to write, but end up staring at a blank screen?

Do you find yourself writing in Elizabethan-type English that you learned in college, secretly knowing that no prospect would ever read past the first paragraph?

Deep down, do you know it’s time to go big on your signature superpower, and turn over the copywriting to a pro?

(Hand raised) I’m here to help!  I’d love to jump on a complimentary discovery call to discuss your copywriting and/or website project. Click the button below to get started!

“No matter what you sell, it’s the skilled use of words that inspires people to do the thing you want them to do.”