Designing a website that works for you as a 24/7 business assistant.

Your Success is Our Passion.

We get it.

You’ve poured your heart and soul into your business. You want to make a positive impact on your customers while making a good living for you, your family, and your team.

So, when you’ve invested in a website that doesn’t actively work to capture leads and make sales, it can feel as if you’ve wasted valuable time, energy, and hard-earned money.

Your website should be your most strategic online asset.

Gone are the days of pretty, information-only websites. In today’s marketplace, your website should have a clear, magnetic brand voice, an appealing and user-friendly design, and a brand story that strikes a chord with your target audience.

Imagine a website that informs your prospects and leads them to take action.

Whether you want them to join your subscriber list or snap up your products and services, your prospects should look around your website and think, “Yes, this is exactly where I need to be.”

We’re more than just designers and copywriters.

We’re your growth champions. If you’re ready to meaningfully connect with your target audience to meet your business goals, book a free discovery call today and let’s start designing your success story.

Stephanie has been very communicative, collaborative, and open to feedback. She has been tasked to write copy for several websites and never fails to hit the nail squarely on the proverbial head.

Her process is sound and she can craft copy to suit nearly any voice or audience. I happily recommend Steph to anyone who is looking for a solid collaborator and copywriter.

trish saemann, gobeyond seo

About Our Founder

Steph Thomas is the founder and creative force behind 12:PM Creative, a digital marketing studio specializing in website design and copywriting for small to medium-sized businesses, non-profit organizations, coaches, and course creators.

After a rewarding career in corporate technology training, Steph established 12:PM Creative. With over 15 years of web design expertise and 3+ years as a certified conversion copywriter, she possesses a unique blend of technical and online marketing skills that makes her studio a ‘one-stop shop’ for businesses that want a website that converts.

Committed to supporting clients nationwide and in her local business community, she is an active member of the Fort Bend (TX) Chamber of Commerce.

Steph’s mission is to deliver design and copy that communicate her clients’ brand voice with relevant messaging that motivates audiences to engage and take action.

Behind the Scenes

Steph’s personal interests are as diverse as her professional skills.

She has a passion for languages, foreign travel, and a deep appreciation for diverse cultures and traditions. Fluent in Spanish, she also dabbles in Portuguese and French.

Her weekly (sometimes twice weekly) indulgence is a Starbucks latte with oat milk—extra hot!

She loves to spend time riding her bike with her energetic dog, Bella, happily running in tandem.

Her eclectic taste in music reflects her creative spirit. She enjoys a wide range of genres, from Mexican Mariachi to Arabic ballads to Christian hip-hop and house music!


Stephanie wrote the copy and designed my executive coaching website. Working with her was one of the best experiences I’ve had working with a freelancer.

She was organized and thorough, and she listened carefully to what I was looking for from the beginning. She was determined to get my brand voice right and to ensure the copy she wrote spoke directly to the audience I wanted to appeal to. I highly recommend working with her!

Greg Thomas, executive coach • curant coaching